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Welcome to Littledean Poultry Green, based just outside the tranquil village of Littledean on Pope's Hill, nestled in the middle of The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire where we produce good clean, honest, quality birds for town and country, from city dweller to smallholder. We have traditional pure breeds, to modern hybrids for sale.

We offer a range of birds from hatching eggs, day olds, growers and up to point of lay chickens for sale.  All of our pure breeds are hatched and reared by ourselves.  All of our hybrids are from a well established trusted source who we have worked with for over 10 years now. All the birds are kept and reared to the highest standards and are fully vaccinated.

We are a family run business, where we pride ourselves on the quality of our birds and we know you will be pleased with them as well. 




We have a selection of hybrids available at POL, numbers vary with each breed

Pied Rangers     Sussex Rangers     Rhode Rocks     Araucana X (blue egg)

Bluebelles     Speckledies     Maran X (dark egg)  

We have a selection of bantams at POL in vary colours

Polands     Silkies    Pekins    Ameraucanas (blue egg)

Appointments are evenings and weekends only, I'm needing an extra pair of hands now to collect/catch birds so there will be no appointments in the day during the week. We are a working farm and have other livestock to see to and dogs which roam free, please do not turn up unless with appointment, thanks.

Please feel free to contact us via phone, email, messenger or whatsApp between hours 10am-6pm (messages outside of these times will be responded to next day)




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